After finishing a business school, I joined IDEO as a business designer to shape and translate design into a business strategy. 
I soon realised that the lack of business knowledge is blocking the design community to become even more relevant in the business world. The Beyond Users project is aimed at solving this challenge. 

I believe that business is essential part of design. Obviously, users come first, but let's not forget that business is super important too. Design needs to be financially sustainable, otherwise, there is no business and hence no user. If we forget about the business goals, our idea is not really a good idea in the business context.

I believe that understanding business helps designers:

  • show non-designers the value of our design work,
  • get buy-in for our design ideas,
  • create design that sells,
  • and advance our careers. 


Want to get in touch? You can reach me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Or email me at alen(at)beyondusers.com


What design leaders are saying about business and design? 

"Design is about the customer not just the user."
John Maeda, Head of Design at Automattic
"Design goal should always be aligned with the business goals."
- Didier Hilhorst, Director of Design at Uber
"Remember you are there to serve the goals of the company and so when you talk about your work don’t talk about the work for the sake of it." - Rochelle King, VP of Design at Spotify
"Business is an area where I see designers falling short the most."
- Kate Aronowitz, Design Partner at Google Ventures
“It’s about time we accept the fact we are not artists and embrace being part of a business. For the best.”
- UX Design Collective