d.MBA - world’s first MBA for designers

Next intake starts on March 4th. Only 4 spots left.

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8+ hours of video course material

Each week you will receive video material and frameworks, covering important business skills and examples from various industries.

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6-week Part-Time Online Program

Designed for full-time employees; self-paced with weekly deadlines and a time commitment of roughly 8 hours per week.


Exclusive intake with 30 participants

Unlike most online courses, d.MBA is a small and private experience. You will get to meet your fellow participants and you will learn from each other. 


d.MBA curriculum was tested with designers from …


Good design = good business

"If you hadn't thought about the business than you haven't designed the idea properly."

Trent Huon @ IDEO

"Design is not art. Art has no burden. It doesn't need to do anything. Design, on the other hand, has to do something. Good design solves a problem." 

Marc Hemeon @ Facebook

"It’s not enough to understand the user, you need to understand the business."

Jonathan Courtney @ AJ&Smart