MBA for Designers


the backstory

I started Beyond Users as a side project to share business knowledge in the design community. Initially, there was just a podcast and couple of free email courses but the feedback from you, dear readers, was so great that I decided to take it more seriously. 

In March, I asked my email subscribers if they want me to create a simple MBA for designers email course. As I wanted to be really sure about this, I created a simple pre-sale page on Gumroad. To my surprise, I was able to get enough pre-orders to justify my time investment into creating a curriculum. 

Thanks again to all early supporters! 



It is an email course that covers most important aspect of business skills and knowledge that is relevant for designers. It covers 7 business topics. In the future, I might be adding new chapters based on your questions.

The complete list of topics includes:

  • Business models - How to quickly understand any business model and its implications for your design work 
  • Business Strategies - How do companies compete and how to understand your organization's strategy 
  • Business Metrics - Most common business metrics and benchmarks
  • Design Metrics - How to measure value created without losing your empathy 
  • Competitor analysis - How to do quick competitor analysis that will help you understand more about your product and organization
  • Industry analysis - Understand the type of industry you are in and where design work has the biggest added value 
  • Prototyping with numbers - Estimating viability and business potential of a new venture (with simple math) 

Each chapter is a series of 5-7 emails, delivered to you daily. For example, you receive the first email on Monday at 12h and the next one follows on Tuesday at 12h. 

Of course, you also get the content in form of a pdf. 

MBA for Designers course pdfs


I design emails so that they are short, engaging but still full of useful content. Most emails are between 600-1200 words and take 3-6 minutes to read. 

If you want to test one chapter, click here and test Design Metrics course.  

you can still join the course

Below is an embedded Gumroad's form, where you can order the course. You will get a lifetime access with all updates that are coming in the future (e.g. new chapters)

Pablo Testimonial

Here is what Pablo, designer at Google is saying about the course: