#15 Amy Bonsall @IDEO - What is venture design?


Amy Bonsall is a head of venture design at IDEO. She currently works in the Palo Alto studio, leading a team of seven business designers. She is also an instructor in the recent IDEO’s course Designing a Business, which teaches venture design.

In the episode we covered:

  • what is venture design and how it is different to lean startup,

  • what is Amy looking in business design candidates,

  • and how you can create prototypes that will give answers decrease uncertainty in your business or product team.

Show notes:

  • 2:20 How did Amy get into design?

  • 5:30 How do you get a job as a business designer (at IDEO)?

  • 13:20 What skills do business designers need?

  • 21:40 What is venture design?

  • 28:00 How is venture design different from Lean Startup approach?

  • 31:15 Behavioral vs attitudinal prototypes

  • 35:10 How do you know you are making progress?

  • 43:40 A good example of venture design

  • 45:45 One thing about design Amy has changed her mind about

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