#17 Christian Hertlein @N26 - How to organize design teams and promote design culture

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Christian Hertlein is a head of design at N26, the mobile bank startup with over 1 million customers across 17 European markets.

A year ago, Christian took over a team of designers in super fast growing startup and started integrating design across different departments and promoting design as an important part of the culture.

We discussed:

  • how is the design team structured and organized within the N26,

  • how to get a seat at the table by proactively shaping what the design team works on rather than passively waits for project briefs,

  • and what are design consultants naive about when they work with clients.

Show notes:

  • 1:40 How did Christian get into design?

  • 6:05 What are consultants naive about when working with clients?

  • 14:15 What are the responsibilities of a head of design?

  • 16:45 Why is investing in design research important?

  • 24:55 The importance of proactiveness

  • 27:40 How is design team structured at N26?

  • 30:50 The importance and advantage of tangibility

  • 34:25 What KPIs does the design team use at N26?

  • 36:50 The role of design as a driver of trust

  • 45:55 Future plans for the N26’s design team

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