#2 Joe Gerber @IDEO: Business thinking creates more opportunities for creativity, not less


Joe Gerber is a business designer and a managing director of IDEO CoLAB. After studying biology, taking an MBA, and working as a product manager, he joined IDEO as the first business designer in the New York office. 

In the episode we spoke about:

  • how to systematically test your design so that it achieves users and business goals,
  • the role of vocabulary in bridging different design disciplines, 
  • how do you use design approach to reduce risks in highly risky business situations, 
  • and Joe's favourite business design questions that you can use in your project. 

Listen to the episode

Show notes:

  • 2:00 How did Joe go from studying Biology to taking an MBA and working at IDEO?
  • 7:45 The role of vocabulary in bridging different design disciplines 
  • 9:20 How did Joe teach fellow designers about business? 
  • 14:30 Why is understanding business relevant for designers?
  • 18:25 How to use simple math to create a learning plan for your project (Discovery Driven Planning)? 
  • 28:00 Examples of live prototyping 
  • 31:50 How do you measure and present results of design work? 
  • 39:15 What is venture design and who is it for? 
  • 46:20 Advice for designers who are just starting their career? 
  • 47:40 What is one thing about design Joe has changed his mind about?
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