#24 Jules Ehrhardt @FKTRY - Why “paid for time” is the biggest problem of the creative industry (and what is the alternative)


Jules Ehrhardt is the founder of FKTRY, a creative capital studio aimed at revolutionising how creatives get paid. Jules was previously an owner of USTWO, the pioneer studio that kicked off the digital product studio trend. Jules left USTWO couple of years ago to focus on building one of the first creative capital studio and to create an example of a new business model for creatives, which he laid out in his seminal pieces called State of the Digital Nation 2020 (and 2018).

In the episode, we discussed:

  • if the design agency model is doomed,

  • how creatives will get paid in the future,

  • and how the lack of economic literacy blocks creatives from achieving their full potential.

Alen FaljicComment