#8 Kate Rutter @California College: How to measure and quantify design


Kate Rutter is an adjunct professor at California College of the Arts. She is a phenomenal UX designer with a strong background in arts and painting, so she sometimes refers to herself as a sketchnoter and graphic recorder. But she also combines her visual skills with data and metrics, particularly in her design process. 

In the episode we spoke about:

  • why it makes sense to measure design,
  • how to find a design metric for your project,
  • and how you connect a design metric to business value. 

Listen to the episode

Show notes:

  • 1:50 How Kate got into design?
  • 7:05 Kate's early design project
  • 10:40 Where did Kate get the idea to measure design?
  • 14:30 How to find a design metric for your project? 
  • 18:30 What is a good metric? 
  • 22:40 What to do if you have the feeling that your metric is wrong? 
  • 27:30 Why should metrics be normalized (in form of ratios)? 
  • 33:30 Why is measuring design important? 
  • 39:30 How focusing solely on metrics can go wrong?
  • 41:40 How do you find a design metric for physical products? 
  • 44:00 On what time frame should you collect and analyze data? 
  • 46:40 How do you connect a design with a business metric?
  • 50:10 Kate's advice for young designers
  • 51:50 What is one thing about design that Kate changed her mind about?
  • 54:10 Being a designer consultant vs being a designer in a product company
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