#19 How Jonathan almost bankrupted AJ&Smart (Business Design Jam 2)


The second episode of Business Design Jam was all over the place. But in a good way.

With Jonathan, founder of AJ&Smart and co-host of an awesome podcast Product Breakfast Club, we spoke about business models and concepts relevant for designers.

We talked about Tesla, PewDiePie, Microsoft' Xbox and a lot about AJ&Smart’s products and journey. Among other things, Jonathan told us how he nearly bankrupted the agency and how he solved it.

Show notes:

  • 2:05 Tesla’s product strategy to create an affordable electric car (article)

  • 5:45 How offering too much can hurt your business

  • 8:50 How AJ&Smart started with expensive workshops before launching an online course

  • 9:45 How to create baby steps to achieve your main goal (McKinsey’s Three Horizons)

  • 12:00 How did AJ&Smart test their idea for an online course (testing viability)

  • 24:20 How to create sales/business prototypes

  • 26:50 Examples of million-dollar business ran by individuals

  • 37:15 How Jonathan almost bankrupted AJ&Smart this summer

Alen FaljicComment