#20 Seven things every designer should know about business

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A few weeks back, I published the guide for designers who want to learn more about business. As the title already suggests, it covers seven most important business skills for designers.

I decided to turn this guide into a podcast for those of you who prefer audio books. In it, we cover:

  • Industry Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Business Strategies

  • Business Models:

  • Prototyping with Numbers

  • Design Metrics

  • Business Metrics

Show notes:

  • 1:30 Intro & Industry Analysis: Identify and reimagine industry constraints

  • 9:45 Competitor Analysis: Anticipate your competitors’ moves and outsmart them

  • 16:35 Business Strategies: Create products that make competition irrelevant

  • 23:30 Business Models: Figure out how to make money with your product

  • 27:10 Prototyping with Numbers: Quickly estimate the viability of your ideas

  • 35:00 Design Metrics: Measure value created for users

  • 40:10 Business Metrics: Get fluent in the language of executives to convince them

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