#21 Dave Peterson @Play Bigger - How category design can help you create a dominant product

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Dave Peterson is a category designer. What does that mean? Well, that is exactly what we tried to figure out in this podcast episode. We will learn how do companies such as Salesforce, Apple, Tesla, and Airbnb benefit from category design.

Dave is a co-founder and Partner at Play Bigger Advisors, a consulting firm that coined the term category design and is advising companies on how to create and own new categories of products. They recently also published a book also called Play Bigger where they explain the category design process in detail.

In this episode we spoke about:

  • what is a category and what is the category design,

  • why do category kings capture more than 70% of economic benefits in an industry,

  • and how did companies such as Salesforce, Tesla, and Qualtrics become category kings.

Alen FaljicComment