#13 Fabricio Teixeira @UX Collective - How to develop your business empathy

Fabricio Teixeira Beyond Users

Fabricio Teixeira is a design director at the digital product agency Work & Co and the founder of the UX Collective, one of the best resources for blog posts, links, and resources for UX designers. In The State of UX in 2018 report, UX Collective editors wrote that "The UX designers of 2018 will need to understand more about business". So, I reached out to Fabricio to learn more about the backstory of this statement and how did his path to becoming more business-savvy look like.

In this episode we spoke about:

  • the simple exercise UX designers can use to start building their business muscle,

  • how sharing knowledge is the best way to learn and advance the career,

  • and how can we recognize future trends in the UX community?


Show notes:

  • 2:20 How did Fabricio get into design?

  • 6:20 How Fabricio teaches UX design through simplification

  • 10:30 How and why Fabricio started UX Collective

  • 12:50 How sharing knowledge is the best way to learn

  • 17:05 How to recognize big trends and important patterns in the UX community?

  • 19:35 Why is learning about business important for designers

  • 24:35 How did Fabricio learn business

  • 27:25 The exercise Fabricio uses with his team to develop business empathy

  • 35:05 The question that uncovers business goals behind a design project

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